About Us

About Your favorite motel in Odessa, WA

At La Collage Inn, we have hosted a wide variety of people and events, including family reunions, weddings, funerals, construction crews, railroad personnel, scientists, archaeologists, geological research teams, travelers, hunters, fishermen, authors, poets, painters, singers, bands, actors, ballet dancers, Congressmen, legislators, businessmen , doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, boxers, pro-football players, endurance bicycle riders, pilots, cattlemen, wheat farmers, corporate executives and many many more wonderful people.

My name is Ed Hayden. I’m a creative and enthusiastic business person, as is my wife Nadya. We have three children, and eight grandchildren. We love working with a diverse population of people.

I’m a pioneer, and have lived in Odessa for fifteen years and am the co-owner with Nadya of La Collage Inn. My ambition as tour director and motel owner is to provide people with hospitality that is a memorable experience for them. We offer lodging that is out in the middle of nowhere, but is close to everywhere. We enjoy life here in Odessa where it is peaceful, quiet, and very safe from all of the hectic intrusions of big city life. We enjoy providing our guests an enjoyable environment all wrapped up in a cozy place that includes good weather.

Your visit can be a retreat to the “Big Sky” of Eastern Washington, where the night is full of stars, and the warm desert air is relaxing. We extend our heartfelt invitation to lodge the evening here and take one or more of our tours, with this quaint German-Russian community of Odessa, Washington, as your base.

Ed & Nadya Hayden