Welcome to Odessa, Texas, a hidden gem out in West Texas, full of history, charm, and adventure. Whether you’re seeking outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or just a relaxing getaway, Odessa offers something for everyone. Time to plan your ultimate West Texas adventure!

Star Gazing

The DARKEST SKIES located just North of Odessa ,Wa on the BLM lands from I-90 take exit 206 North onto SR-21.

Passing Through Odessa a short distance taking a left onto the lake view Ranch road to to desired sites.


We have near to Odessa thousands of miles of open public Roads be they primitive or rural county roads.

Extending through rich geological features created by the Great Missoula Flood thousands of years ago and traveling through farm lands.Features include lakes, streams, coulees, small towns for a great days ride.We do have maps available for motorcyclist or car operator as the roads are drive able. Have a safe & enjoyable ride !


Roads are surfaced and graveled and very drivable.

Go from Odessa to Irby taking back roads to Marlin or ” Krupp”.From Krupp take surfaced road or Basic roads to Wilson Creek. Be sure not to miss out from Excluding your self from a great meal at the ” HARVEST MOON & BAR”, while in Wilson Creek.


Odessa, WA, nestled in Eastern Washington, offers serene fishing experiences. Potholes Reservoir boasts diverse freshwater species, while Crab Creek beckons fly-fishing enthusiasts. With tranquil landscapes and abundant catches, anglers of all levels can enjoy the timeless pursuit of fishing in this picturesque destination.


One of the greatest stories of ancient North America is written in the rocks and sediments of the Pacific Northwest. Massive floods swept across of Washington state, sculpting and changing the landscape, leaving clues for scientists and travelers to unravel. Odessa of Washington state channeled scablands


Golf course packages available with 9 hole golf package getaway! 

9 holes of golf at the Odessa Golf Course, and golf cart rental.