We are adding as a package for those who lodge with us, and who take one of our many tours (see sample videos below), a ” Pitchfork Barbecue ” dinner. You will place your own steak, potato, ear of corn on your pitchfork and cook it to your desire over a open fire pit. Local micro brew refreshments can be provided.

Ourpackaged tour includes a room with king sized bed for two nights, a ferry trip across the resovoir up to coulee dam, or tour of hot creek/falls/seven bays/fort Spokane/two rivers casino. $445/ two people.

The Channeled Outback are among the group tours within our region. Our wonderful scenic tours vary in length. These excursions will show you the ancient and beautiful creations of nature that were carved out millions of years ago. The most recent changes of nature occurred about 12000 thousand years ago, formed by the some 40 catastrophic floods caused by the sudden draining of Glacial Lake Missoula. Each flood was a wall of water about 2000 feet in height passing through this area and out into the pacific ocean.

These tours will show you the ancient geological features of nature in its gorgeous might and power. There are 22 craters and many coulees throughout the area. In addition to these features there are tours that will take you out to the Hutterite colonys. Experiencing their unique culture and communal life style includes a lunch in the Hutterite kitchen. The tour lasts about three hours.

Another tour will take you along the beautiful Columbia River Reservoir and Old Fort Spokane, other tours will take you through some old historic small farming towns and then meander through some more coulees and beautiful valleys. Another tour will take you to some beautiful water falls and lakes.

During the spring and fall there are tours available into the wild life regions in seeing the migration of birds that come into this region as well as other wildlife in which you will see all during the year on the scenic tours as provided. Going through some of these coulees will give you the feeling of that of those who travel west back in the 1800’s. There is much to see and well worth your while to take in some rarely visited sites.

Scabland trails – Smell of sage lures bikers, hikers in March

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